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Things to see and do

Rim Moei Market

Visit the famous “Friendship Bridge” that connects the borders between Burma and Thailand. Walk along the banks of the Rim Moei river and take in the views. Wander through dozens of antique and teakwood stalls and shop for exotic goods at the Rim Moei Market. You can bicycle here in 30 minutes or catch a sangthaew from the centre of town.

Day Market

Located to the right of Hong Long Minimart, the day market winds several blocks through town providing everything from produce to cooked food to clothes to toiletries. This local market is a great way to experience the fusion of Thai and Burmese cultures so particular to Mae Sot.

For a truly authentic experience head here at 6 am: watch the Monk’s procession through town, and then enjoy the rich array of local breakfasts: nambia with bebio (chickpeas and flatbread); samosas; the list goes on.

Reclining Buddha and Buddha Footprint

On your way to the border, look toward your right for a beautiful Buddhist temple which contains a giant reclining Buddha. Past the temple, a short country drive will take you to the Balancing Pagoda and the Buddha’s footprint!

Phra Charoen Waterfall

Located 25 km out of Mae Sot, this waterfall is accessible by car or motorbike. There is a well-beaten trail alongside its 97 steppes, providing a beautiful stroll through the jungle. Bring a picnic with you and be prepared to get wet!

Gibbon Sanctuary

While many other animals reside here, the gibbon sanctuary houses dozens of rescued gibbon, of the great ape group, who are often adopted as pets and then neglected by their owners when they reach adulthood.

These fascinating creatures speak to you as you walk among their pens and hand feed them ripe fruit. To get there take the light blue sangthaew #48 from the main road for an hour and a half; ring the bell to disembark at km 41.5. Don’t forget your bags of ripe fruit!

Mae Kasa Hot Springs

Located at km 13/14, legend has it the Mae Kasa Hot Springs are hot enough to boil an egg. There’s a nice walk you can take around the area and it’s a great place to have a picnic.

Tararak Waterfall

Just 26km south of Mae Sot, the Tararak is part of the Ti Lor Su waterfall group and like its cousin Phra Charoen contains a nice walking trail and plenty of places to picnic.


Bike rental and tours with 2Wheels

2Wheels Bike Shop is pleased to offer you a fully loaded Trek 3900 with disk brakes; 216, 218 and 220 inch available for 50 baht per half day or 100 baht per day. See Reception for availabilities and conditions.

2Wheels also offers personalized, guided tours in and around Mae Sot for a reasonable fee; please inquire at Reception.

Puzzlebox art courses

Our sister project the Puzzlebox Art Studio offers regular courses in ceramics, painting, batik and more. Just enquire at reception for information about the latest courses

For directions to these area attractions and places of interest, please contact reception. We also sell maps of Mae Sot for 100 baht each at the reception area.

Other local activities

  • Gecko garden yoga
  • Borderline cooking courses
  • Massage
  • Gyms
  • Swimming pools
  • Golf course driving range
  • Shopping

Directions and Maps of Mae Sot

For directions to these area attractions and places of interest, please contact reception. We also sell maps of Mae Sot for 100 baht each at the reception area.

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