Local food
With its mix of ethnicities and its Thai, Burmese, Chinese, Buddhist, Muslim and Christian population, Mae Sot is rich in food options.

Burmese specialities

Known informally as ‘Little Burma‘, the sizeable Burmese population means a broad range of dishes are on offer at Burmese tea-shops and restaurants alike: from classics like tea-leaf salads, steamed buns, Shan noodles, mohinga (mild fish noodle soup), egg curry and more.

Thai cuisine

Thai restaurants produce delicious Thai classics such as Pad-Thai (noodles with lime, chicken, coriander and nuts), fresh papaya salads and Tom Yam Gai (spiced coconut soup), whilst also serving specialities from Northern Thailand too.


The central Night Market provides a dozen open-air eateries, each specialising in Thai or Burmese dishes. Other markets open on weekend evenings and are a fantastic opportunity to browse and sample spiced eggs, broad noodles, fried tofu, fresh coconuts or sweet milk roti, cooked whilst you wait.

And many, many more…

Add to this Chinese hot-pots, Korean barbecues and Western restaurants, and your Mae Sot dining options will seem unlimited!

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