Room rental policies

Short term and long term policies

The Picturebook Guesthouse is generally regarded as the premiere guesthouse in Mae Sot for quality and service. Our guest policy aims to maintain that reputation. Our continued standard of quality and service depends on a full occupancy rate. Our long term guest policy supports continued full levels of occupancy.

*Holiday periods: please note that the Picturebook Guesthouse is usuallly closed for one week in April. Please contact us to enquire about booking in these months.

To stay long-term at the Picturebook Guesthouse, guests must read the following policy and then submit the attached long-term stay contract with Picturebook Guesthouse.

Check In and Check Out Time

Check in at 2pm and Check out at noon.

Room Guarantee for Reservations

Rooms booked by phone reservation directly with Picturebook Guesthouse staff, through the Picturebook Guesthouse online reservation form, or by email reservation directly with Picturebook Guesthouse email exchange are routinely held and guaranteed until 8pm of the designated check in day as per the guesthouse policy. Guests who have made a reservation and arrive later than 8pm hrs will not be guaranteed a room, unless they have informed the guesthouse of the late check in time. Long term guests are encouraged to comply with this policy as well.

Guesthouse Rates

Daily rates for a Deluxe room are 800 baht per night and 600 baht per night for the Standard room. Guests receive a 10% discount for staying 21 consecutive days. Guests staying one month will receive a 15% discount. Guests staying 3 months or longer receive a 20% discount.

Picturebook Guesthouse bills rendered at the time of check out must be paid in cash for short term stay guests. Long term stay guests are asked to provide an initial 50% deposit and then to pay monthly progress payments in cash. Alternative arrangements require prior agreement.

Rate/Reservation Validity

Please note that phone and electronic reservation confirmations are provided to you solely for your convenience and that we retain official records of our reservation transactions, including details of dates of stay and room rates. In the event of discrepancies, alterations, modifications, or variations between this confirmation and our official records, our official records shall provide the basis for determining any dispute.

Early Departures and Changes in Departure Date

Many guesthouses have an early departure fee. When you check-in, you will be asked to confirm your departure date. You may be able to change your departure date without a penalty if your rate plan permits and if you do so before the end of your arrival day.

After reconfirming your departure date, if you decide to leave earlier, you may be charged additional fees if your duration of stay no longer qualifies for extended stay discounts. In the event a guest wishes to change the agreed upon departure date submitted at time of check in, guests are strongly encouraged to communicate such wishes as soon as possible to reception staff. The Picturebook Guesthouse will try to accommodate the request, but the room is not guaranteed as another guest may have already booked the room with our staff based upon the departure date you agreed to upon check in.

Children Policy

Children below 12 years stay complimentary in the room with the parents without any charges. Children above 12 years are taken as an adult and additional sleeping options are available during your stay to accommodate more than two guests in a room. Additional rates apply.

Pets Policy

Pets are not allowed.

All Rooms are Non-Smoking

Most guests at The Picturebook Guesthouse prefer non-smoking room. Accordingly smoking is prohibited in the rooms and is only permitted in designated areas. Guests infringing on this policy will be asked to terminate their stay without notice in accord with determined rates.


Damages done to the room or the room materials outside of regular usage and wear and tear will be charged to the guest’s room accounts.

Cancellation Policy

Guests are strongly encouraged to notify cancellations or changes in bookings 72 hours in advance for single room reservations. Cancellations less than 24 hours are subject to cancellation fees. The Picturebook Guesthouse is a social enterprise and as such is looking to have full occupancy. Your help in communicating cancellations of reservations is greatly appreciated.

Guests who book multiple rooms are strongly encouraged to notify cancellations or changes in bookings one week in advance so the PBG has ample time to occupy rooms to another guest if your reservation is canceled.

Early Check in and Late Check Out

Check out time is noon on the day of departure and check in time is 2pm on the day of arrival. If a room has been prepared and is available a guest may check in any time after 11am with no charge.

For early check in and late checkout there is a charge of 50% of the room rental. Early check in and late checkout are available according to the availability of rooms and the booking schedule. The Picturebook cannot guarantee availability of early check in and late checkout unless the guest has requested this upon making the booking and has received a confirmation.

Complimentary Breakfast

The Picturebook Guesthouse provides a designated complimentary breakfast each morning from 7am hrs to 9am for up to two guests per room. Breakfast for additional guests is provided for an additional charge.

Storage of Luggage

The Picturebook Guesthouse can provide a secure place for guests to store luggage, but the Picturebok cannot guarantee the safety and security of guests’ luggage and cannot take responsibility for lost or broken items. Guests are strongly encouraged to take all valuables with them and if there are important documents these can be kept in the guesthouse safe, upon request.

Additional Services

The Picturebook Guesthouse provides several additional services for a small service charge:

  • Airport/Bus Station Pick up and Drop off referral (We can arrange a tuk tuk for you and they will charge you the local rates.)
  • Food Delivery (Food delivery 20% and food pickup and delivery 50 baht per trip)
  • Laundry (20% service charge)
  • Motorbike rental referral (free)
  • Bikes available for use
  • Local Transportation (The Picturebook Guesthouse can help to arrange local transportation but we cannot guarantee availability of transport or the punctuality of third party providers. Guests are encouraged to arrange local transport with us and schedule added time for delays to insure making flights, busses, and meetings on time.)

Consideration for Other Guests

In accord with the Picturebook Guesthouse’s desire to maintain its reputation for quality and service, guests are requested in their behavior to take account of the comfort of other guests and refrain from noisy or unruly behavior particularly during normal hours of rest. Continued breech of the policy could lead to a request to terminate a guest’s stay in accord with determined rates.

Long-term Stays and Room Availability

The Picturebook Guesthouse makes every attempt to provide long-term guests with the room they desire for the duration of their stay. However, given the limited size of our guesthouse and depending on the advanced timing of a booked reservation, guests may sometimes need to move to another guesthouse for a period of time as the room was already booked by another guest prior to the booking of their extended stay reservation. If such a situation we will assist the guest to find another place to stay for this period.

To enjoy a long-term stay at The Picturebook Guesthouse, please complete the following long-term stay contract.

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