Our mission

“Boutique on a budget… with a sustainable and socially responsible business model.”

ycf-logo-118x123The Picturebook Guesthouse is a social enterprise created by The Youth Connect Foundation. We are a sustainable business created in response to the growing need for employment and employability of Mae Sot youth.

We are a guesthouse with a vision: to provide the best possible services whilst also giving back to the community in which we find ourselves. We hope you enjoy the unique setting we’ve created here, and that you feel inspired by your surroundings!

The Picturebook Guesthouse and Youth Connect are supported by Child’s Dream Foundation, Thailand. Child’s Dream is a charitable, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to empowering marginalised children and youth in the Mekong Sub-Region, which includes Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. Child’s Dream achieves this by working in partnership with communities, to improve the educational and health situation for their children and youth.


elea Foundation was the financial donor, enabling Child’s Dream to build the Picturebook Guesthouse and buy the land. elea Foundation for Ethics in Globalization wants to achieve sustainable, positive, tangible impact directly benefiting people challenged by the globalization process. The main emphasis is to support entrepreneurial projects focusing on poor people at the bottom of the pyramid. https://www.elea-foundation.org/en/portrait-0


10 ensuite rooms in a delightful garden setting

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