Once Upon A Time Room

Once Upon A Time Room

From THB 800 /night

Once upon a time, there was a powerful, scaley dragon who lived on the banks of the Rim Moei river.

Mostly, he slept, but once a year for two months he would swim through its murky waters, emerging now and again to wreak havoc.

After a massive inhalation of hot Mae Sot air he would spit fiery balls from the depths of his belly, sending scalding waves of wind over the land and setting crops ablaze. The villagers were beside themselves with fear and dread when this happened.

Finally, they heard of an intrepid young knight, known for his bravery and hubris, living in Umphang. One of the village elders sent a message for him. The knight traveled here on horseback and sought out the evil dragon immediately.

What happened next cannot be described in this small space. You’ll have to make it up yourself!

Private balcony
TV and DVD player
Double bed
En-suite bathroom
Writing table

Accommodates two adults – but extra children are welcome to sleep in the room too!