Room On The Moon

  • The wood-frame bed in the Room on the Moon

Room On The Moon

From THB 699 /night

You pull our oceans with your gravity and remind us of the time of day.

You mark the months and remind us of our relative insignificance in relation to time and space. This makes us feel humble.

We’ve been able to travel to you and step on your surface. This makes us feel superhuman.

You provide comfort because our families see you too, even if they are far away. Sometimes we see you so clearly we can pick out the craters on your unearthly face; other times you glow so brightly with golden hues there are barely any words for your beauty.

For all these reasons and more, you required a room, O Moon.

  • The guesthouse and garden
    Welcome to the Picturebook Guesthouse
Private balcony
Double bed
En-suite bathroom
Writing table

Accommodates two adults but extra children are welcome in the room too!