The Drawing Room

The Drawing Room

From THB 700 /night

What came first, words or pictures? We entreat you to explore this question here in the drawing room, where imagination and observation merges.

Drawing is one of mankind’s most ancient forms of expression, and we invite you to sit at our drawing table and trace out your own interpretations of life.

This room is special because each part of The Picturebook, from the architecture to the artwork,originated in drawing. Some of the art you’ll find on site has been a representation of famed artists’ work. Some just came out of our own whimsical minds.

As you peruse original sketchbooks belonging to the artists who came together to make this place so special, we hope you will feel provoked to put pencil to paper yourself. Layer lines, blend brushtrokes and find contours in colours as you attempt to bring the pictures in your dreams to reality.

Double bed
En-suite bathroom
Writing table

Accommodates two adults – but extra children are welcome to sleep in the room too!