The Flying Room

The Flying Room

From THB 800 /night

Soar through the atmosphere and peek into worlds heretofore unseen: the Flying Room is all about your imagination.

Unencumbered by gravity, you can bend the throttle of your own blimp and head into the great beyond.

Take on the hubris of the hovercraft; the velocity of the canonball. Take off like the teradactyls who preceded you and find yourself freewheeling, glittering with the glory of the firefly, through the atmosphere.

Soar gently on the thermal updrafts nature provides or catapult yourself rather unnaturally on the rocket launch of a space shuttle.

Whether you prefer the projectile plight of the pegasus or the peaceful parasail, the flying room provides you with a safe landing. Let your fantasies of flight guide you!

Private balcony
TV and DVD player
Double bed
En-suite bathroom
Writing table

Accommodates two adults – but extra children are welcome to sleep in the room too!